My undergraduate research experience

My undergraduate school is USTC. USNews 2020 ranked the 3rd in Best Global Universities in China.

My undergraduate research experience led me into the applied cryptography. I was fortunate to work with my advisor Kaiping Xue.

Combining Data Owner-side and Cloud-side Access Control for Encrypted Cloud Storage (Paper).

  • Kaiping Xue, Weikeng Chen, Wei Li, Jianan Hong, and Peilin Hong. (My main undergraduate research)

  • TIFS 2018.

TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control for Time-Sensitive Data in Public Cloud (Paper).

  • Jianan Hong, Kaiping Xue, Yingjie Xue, Weikeng Chen, David S. L. Wei, Nenghai Yu, and Peilin Hong.

  • TSC 2017.

Exploring a Service-Based Normal Behaviour Profiling System for Botnet Detection (Paper).

  • Weikeng Chen, Xiao Luo, and A. Nur Zincir-Heywood. (During an internship at Dalhousie University)

  • IM AnNet Workshop 2017.

A Privacy-Preserving and Real-Time Traceable Power Request Scheme for Smart Grid (Paper).

  • Qingyou Yang, Jianan Hong, Kaiping Xue, Weikeng Chen, Xiang Zhang, and Hao Yue.

  • ICC 2017.