Weikeng Chen 

Weikeng Chen [CV] [Github]

Research Partner, L2 Iterative

Email: w.k@berkeley.edu


I am a research partner of L2 Iterative.

I received my Doctor of Philosophy degree from UC Berkeley in 2022 in the RISELab. My advisor is Raluca Ada Popa. I also work with Alessandro Chiesa.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) degree with honors from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2017 and my Master of Science (M.S.) degree from UC Berkeley in 2019.

Companies with interest

My interest is aligned with the following companies through partnership in L2 Iterative, investment DAO, or angel checks:

Aori Babylon Cedro Collar Eclipse EigenLayer
Lagrange Levr Lita Linera Lumino AI Primev
Polyhedra Ritual RISC Zero Rome Sui Taiko

This list does not include investments that are not finalized.


My research focuses on systems and applications of MPC and ZKP.


In undergraduate years,