Weikeng Chen (picture by Matt Wong) 

Weikeng Chen [CV] [Github]

PhD Candidate in Security, EECS, UC Berkeley

Email: weikengchen@berkeley.edu


I am a student in RISELab. My advisor is Raluca Ada Popa. I also work with Alessandro Chiesa.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) degree with honors from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2017 and my Master of Science (M.S.) degree from UC Berkeley in 2019.


My research focuses on systems and applications of MPC and ZKP, with an emphasis of efficient implementations.


In undergraduate years,

Pronunciation of the name

If you live near Soda Hall, Weikeng is pronounced Brewed Awakening, a café nearby.

Formally, Weikeng's IPA is /ˈweɪ kən/, WAY-K-EARN; Wei is pronounced wake. Keng is pronounced woken. You can find the sound here.

Nevertheless, it is hard. I am okay with both “weekend” and “we can”.